Jacob’s Great Gran

Only the best Grandparents, get promoted to Great Grandparents!

Today’s post is by a guest contributor. Big round of applause for my Mom and her willingness to share a fond memory about Jacob.  Mom gave me her notes on this three weeks ago and in my excitement to get a draft to her, I accidentally published it for the world to see.  So chances are, you may be reading this for the second time.  That’s okay!  It is a good one and I think you’ll enjoy it again.  

Great Gran

I’m Hilda Jo, Jacob’s Granny.  Today is my Daddy’s 109th birthday.  He is celebrating in Heaven as he has for 20 years now.  Jacob was his first great grandchild and so with his birth, Daddy was promoted to Great Gran status.  And, as he loved his children and his grandchildren, he most certainly loved Jacob BIG.  As all of our family members learned about Jacob’s limitations we all hurt beyond expression.  I’m thankful to say that we never felt that our family was being punished but this was part of God’s perfect plan for our family to include this special person.  And all of us sure do LOVE Jacob Michael Pigford!!  

He likes for me to sing this to him – “I love Jacob, I love Jacob, I love Jacob Michael Pigford”.  And one time is never enough! 

Back to what I intended to write about Jacob and his Great Gran, my Daddy.  Most of the time, Jacob doesn’t seem to be paying attention or even acknowledge hearing what we are saying.  When Jacob was young, Daddy would always try to get Jacob to sit in his lap so he could hold him close, talk to him, and, of course, sing to him!

Soon after Daddy’s death, Terri took Jacob to their home to see Mother (Jacob’s Great Grandmother) and hopefully help him understand that his Great Gran was gone.   She had told him that Daddy had died and was now in Heaven.  Not knowing how much Jacob understood, we were somewhat nervous about how he would act since his Great Gran wouldn’t be there.  However, those nerves were unwarranted as Jacob just acted in a manner totally normal for him. 

Now Jacob loves looking at pictures and Mother had a LOT of pictures.  He could really entertain himself looking through her photo albums.  Of course, he’d look and look and look some more then just leave them on the floor when he had finished, which was the case this particular visit.  Mother, Terri, and I were busy talking in the kitchen while Jacob enjoyed free access to the albums. I don’t recall anyone else being there that day. At some point, Terri went to check on him and pick up the albums when she noticed that each one was opened to a picture of his Great Gran.  What a thrill to our hearts!!  Jacob had gotten quiet and we weren’t sure where he was or what he might be getting into.  Terri found Jacob sound asleep on Mother and Daddy’s bed.  He wasn’t in the habit of always taking a nap during the day either.  Especially not at someone else’s home.  I truly believe Jacob was showing his love for his Great Gran in the way he knew how and understood that he was gone.  What a peaceful picture of Jacob at total rest where his beloved Great Gran used to lay his head.

Jacob 1998

Jacob has proven to us so many times that he is very smart and understands everything we say.  Even when we don’t think he is listening.    

Thank you for letting me share this very special memory,                Hilda Jo Woods


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