July JOY

We celebrated my July 1st birthday during an out-of-state get-away with friends. Playing games, enjoying the beauty of God’s earth, lots of laughs, and delicious food. Cheesecake. Scrumptious Cheesecake!! And, more rainbows than I’ve ever seen. It really was a great, great day.

Then I got one of the most amazing birthday gifts. On July 3rd, I became a great-grandmother to twin girls. I’m totally in love! Yes, you heard that right!!! They are 11 days old today and doing quite well for their darling preemie selves. I cannot wait to snuggle with both in a rocking chair while reading them a story. What an adventure awaits our family to see them grow, learn, and mature. Praying they learn from an early age how very much their Heavenly Father adores them.

On July 9th, Jacob turned 43 years old. Still seems impossible but I was there, it is true. He had cinnamon rolls with chocolate milk for breakfast. He was a very happy birthday boy. The rest of the day mainly consisted of chocolate!!! And toys.

Moving right along, on Tuesday, the 12th, my mom prepared a Shrimp Boil belated birthday lunch for us.  Shrimp with potatoes, sausage, and corn!  It was delicious and the two of us being together in the kitchen made it even better.  Then, THEN we had a Fresh Peach Dessert.  Angel Food Cake with ripe peaches.  Perfection! 

It had been a while since Jacob had been to his Granny’s so he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was nosy as could be opening every cabinet door and every drawer. He picked the spicy sausage out of the shrimp boil and drank chocolate milk that his Granny had gotten just for him.

Next, our other son and his bride will celebrate their anniversary this weekend.  So proud of them and their commitment to each other.  They’ve taken what God has given them and been wonderful stewards.  I’ve told them many times that they’ve done more ‘parenting’ than I ever dreamed of. 

Then, comes July 18th.  One year ago on that day, my dad took his last earthly breath and woke up in heaven.  In some ways, it still doesn’t seem real to me.  But, it was his best day ever. 

Can’t leave out more family- our brother-in-law and nephew share their birthday next week.  Happy Birthday S and Z! 

It has been four weeks since I’ve gotten a blog out.  As you can see, we have had a lot going on not counting projects and all the other things we can’t escape.  Seems life is a speeding train or roller-coaster ride right now!

When I reflect on the last few weeks, my heart smiles at the blessings of friends and family who have shared in our joy.