This is not a site for professional direction or guidance on autism.  It is a blog to share stories about our family’s experiences. Some are happy and funny.  Some are sad, raw, hard.  All are real.  Jacob is non-verbal and severely affected.  He’s also invisible to many people because his world is quite small.  Hopefully you’ll get to know him here.  He’s a really cool guy, even in the difficult times.  Also, please know we are not experts and do not consider ourselves exceptional parents.  We are parents who love our special needs son deeply and want what all of you want – the best for our child(ren).  I truly believe all families have circumstances, at some point, that can be just as overwhelming as autism.  So no matter what you are going through, know that you are not alone.  The name of this blog is explained in the October 8, 2018 post – Hakuna Matata!