He Doesn’t Miss a Thing!

When Jacob seems aloof and a million miles away—you can be sure, he knows what is going on!

Jacob’s current MP3 player is working really great as far as his enjoyment.  The player holds 445 songs.  There are days he happily lets it play through and he hears a variety.  However, most days, he wants to listen to song #1 over and over again.  And he needs us to help him get back to that song.  The odd thing is, as soon as we do, he will walk away, clicking through to another song, but he is usually content to settle with our help for a few minutes. 

There is a problem though.  He is hard, HARD, on his things.  We will see him via the monitor just toss a player across the room.  Steady it on something to push it off.   No wonder they don’t last.  His brother was in town a couple of weeks ago, he’d been upstairs and commented that there is a graveyard of those very players.  He is right.  I’ve lost count of how many we have bought. 

But even when it seems to be playing just fine.  Jacob will be sure it needs fixing.  Several times a day, he will bring it to us and tap the back, wanting us to ‘do something’.  He does the same with his player at his day program.  He will get very frustrated if we don’t proceed to work on the player. 

Not long ago, he had taken me back to his room and opened a drawer.  He hands me this screw.  

He has determined that might help in its repair.  Now his dad has taken many of these apart but they don’t use a screw this big.  We don’t know where it came from, how it got in his drawer, or what is missing a screw!  Jacob knew it was in his chest of drawers and quickly had a solution.  Taking it from him and showing him it didn’t fit in the player seemed to appease him.

And then, there is this toy.  Touch Magic Ocean Music School.  He has probably had it 8-10 years.  It is a really nice toy—can be annoying if he has it in the van and pushes the same button over and over again but that hasn’t happened much and is a small issue for the amount of pleasure it has brought him. 

For some reason though, he constantly wants us to replace the batteries.  He will bring it to us, flip it over and tap on the battery compartment.  I will flip it back over and touch a button to show that it works just fine.  Not to him.  I admit there have been times, I would have to hide the toy but he couldn’t or wouldn’t relent until there were different batteries in place. 

On a particular day, he was bent on new batteries.  So to check, I pressed a button to listen.  Then I did as it said, and pressed the trombone.  It started playing.  And then, THEN, the toy we’ve had for years  said “it is time to replace the batteries.”   Yes. It. Did.  We’ve never been patient enough to let it play more than a few seconds to determine, that it did NOT need batteries.  Whether Jacob had heard that OR was ahead (since he is a battery expert) he seriously knew the toy wasn’t performing as it is supposed to.

He knows his toys.  Perhaps we should listen more and react slower

Lastly, Jacob’s main sitter has been with him for years and can usually figure out what he wants.  We got home one night and she said, “Jacob brought me a reminder card and wanted me to do something with it.”  “I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to call the number on it or what.”  “He also showed me the VCR as if it went with it.”  

Okay, here is the thing—Mike uses that card or one like it to clean the head on the VCR.  Yes. He. Does.  

Yesterday Jacob needed me in his room and as I entered, I could hear a video playing but the image wasn’t showing up on his television. I commented that there was a problem and we’d need dad to look at it. He hit rewind on the VCR and I thought that might be the fix. Shortly afterward, I heard Mike say, “you are SO smart“! Looked in and Jacob had once again, taken the card from a drawer and handed it to his dad knowing he needed to work his magic for a video to play. We were so impressed.

Whether Jacob is looking out the window, twirling in circles, or self-stemming, seemingly in his own world, he doesn’t miss a thing!!