Stalling is His Calling!

Gestures become your language,
When you have no words to use.
However, creativity and resourcefulness can be abused.
What better way to avoid leaving home,
But to hide things to prevent being able to roam.
For this reason I have come to believe,                                                                                      That stalling is his calling.

NO SHOES NO SERVICE said the post,
Hiding shoes, his specialty to boast.
If it is his own you seek,
Here are some suggestions to take a peek.
The toy box is a favorite place,
Check the bathroom sink or tub to help solve the case.
On the kitchen table they are plain to see,
But why look there before you flee?
And, in the pantry, that’s a good spot.
If you’re hungry, you’ll hit the jackpot.
He’s quick to throw things under his bed,
Hoping you’ll search the closet instead.
He is most amused to watch me crawling.
I am quite sure, stalling is his calling.

To go anywhere we need our keys,
Hiding them has become his expertise.
I watched as he took mine from the bar,
Unbeknownst to him, he was on my radar.
He casually walked over to his dad’s work bag,
Then dropped them in, though he couldn’t brag.
Had I not witnessed his sneaky move,
The next day we’d be stuck at home though he wouldn’t disapprove.
I have frantically looked for my keys in a drawer.
Knowing I’d just had them a few minutes before.
Only to find them in a cabinet above.
Keeping my irritation in check is a labor of love.
The signs are all there, stalling is his calling.

Jacob is watching, you better believe,
Without my purse, I cannot leave.
He’s found creative places to stash it away,
My favorite is the salad spinner he chose one day.
I’ve spent minutes backtracking my steps,
To spot it in a laundry basket all unkept.
Shoved in a kitchen cabinet has been attempted.
Paying attention to his clues is highly recommended.
Occasionally he simply moves it from one place to another,
Throwing me off and making me late, oh brother.
I am positive of this – stalling is his calling.

He wants his sound machine before going to bed,
But carefully hides it to stay up later instead.
Shaving is no fun so can we put off doing that?
The pantry again is where it’s at!                                                                                                 He’s hidden the pill crusher with his meds inside,
To keep from taking it until I could find.
And try reading the yellow pages for a few more minutes.
The interesting information you’ll find is without limits.
While usually his motives are to delay,
Most could be chalked up as child’s play.
He is often watching as we search the house,
With his eyes following but quiet as a mouse.                                                                          And while he cannot speak, his mind is turning,                                                                            ‘I think they’re on to me’, he is learning.                                                                                     ‘Oh no, she’s getting warm, it’s right in front of her.’
‘Oops, wrong turn, cold, cold, and even colder.’
Or, counting in his mind how long it takes,
And patting himself on the back for our mistakes.
Our frustrations are probably entertainment for him.
Truth be told, afterwards we can also laugh at them.
Yes, stalling is his calling.

After reading this poem you will probably agree.
His techniques are demonstrated with great glee.
He has got it down pat and is happy as can be.
For he has perfected his stalling degree.



4 thoughts on “Stalling is His Calling!

  1. Thank you for sharing another beautiful example of God working in your lives! He takes whatever we have & give to Him and uses it for His glory and our growth. ❤️


  2. This is one of your best post!! It really brought a LOL and lots of big smiles for me. And Jacob surely has his special way of hiding things. I love it when he adds his underware to your decor. In his eyes it just needs his special touch.


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