Jacob’s Jam

In our home, my craft/sewing room is next to Jacob’s bedroom. So, if Jacob is home while I’m working on a project, there is a good chance I am hearing whatever he is doing. Whether watching TV, a video or DVD, playing selections on his keyboard, music on his MP3 player, battery operated toys – he is usually busy and sometimes has multiple things going at the same time. (I know—talk about sensory overload.)

Recently as I spent several hours working, Jacob was mainly playing his MP3 player.  It has a wide variety of music genres downloaded. When Jacob listens to music, he will often play one song (or even just a few lines from a song) over and over and over again. And, again. You know how you’ll hear a song and can’t get it out of your head?  That happens a lot around here.  Today the song he played first and repeated at least a half a dozen times was, “My God is So Great”. It was sung by children and I had a flashback of our young granddaughter singing that song and doing the motions for “My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do, for YOU!” It was a sweet time of God using Jacob to remind me of His power. And it helped me to hear it over and over again. Truly a worshipful moment for me as he played several songs not knowing he was leading me to sing them in my heart – “God is So Good”, “Oh How I Love Jesus”, and “Heavenly Sunshine”.   All while Jacob had the best time bouncing on his bed and twirling around his room, worshiping in his own way.   And what great songs to be on continuous loop!

Before Jacob’s jam session was over, he had added some secular pieces to the mix with what seemed to be his favorite— “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by none other than, The Chipmunks.  Jacob does love those crazy chipmunks!

May your heart seek to know the greatness and the goodness of our God, born the Christ Child, the One we celebrate this Christmas season.


4 thoughts on “Jacob’s Jam

  1. Last Sunday in SS I was sharing with a friend how Jacob like to hear certain phases of a song repeated. Sometimes I get things stuck in my mind also so I can relate to that. How sweet it was for him to bring back that memory of S singing for you.


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