Communication Cans

Recently Jacob has started getting a can out of the pantry and bringing it to me.  The first time was a 2 lb. can of whole kernel corn.  That’s right.  Okay, maybe he will eat it.  I pointed to some other options but he was set on the corn.  So I opened it, spooned out a little, added some seasonings, and heated it.  That didn’t take long but by the time I offered it to him, he acted like I was crazy.  I convinced him to take a bite and he literally spit it out and handed it to me. 

The remaining corn went in a container and into the freezer for soup I’d make another day. 

The next two times he’s done it, he brought me this:

I suppose, there were no more cans of corn!

Now, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he doesn’t want Rotel Tomatoes. And I don’t believe there is any dish where I use them as an ingredient that he will eat. 

The first time I assumed, he was looking for a can of something else.  I offered him pineapple and he pushed it away.  Seemed a Hershey bar was really what he was hungry for—what Rotel had to do with that is a mystery.

Then a few days later, here he comes with the Rotel, again.  We went and looked in the pantry and I got out the pineapple chunks. 

Bingo.  I opened the can and spooned about a third in a bowl, rinsed the syrup off, and he got busy.  Repeat twice and he had eaten the whole can for an afternoon snack.

Communication comes in all forms.  The easiest thing for Jacob is to find what he wants and show us.  Sometimes it takes a time or two before we can figure it out. 


4 thoughts on “Communication Cans

  1. What does he eat that is red? You have said that he likes the color red. It surely doesn’t look anything like Hershey candy and we know that is his favorite thing to eat. Maybe he’s try to get you side tracked thinking you will offer candy.

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  2. Jacob, this made me hungry for cold pineapple chunks and chocolate, too. I think I’ll open a can:)


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