Has Anybody Seen…

Jacob came home from his day program and before he got to his bedroom, pulled his shoes off and gave them a toss.  I was positive both were in our den.  Later I went to put them away and could only find one.

Where they usually land when he gets home.

He has several pairs of shoes.  But this pair is a favorite.  Probably ours more than his because of the ease of slipping them on.  I did a quick search to no avail.  Decided he’d have to wear a different pair the next day and I’d focus on finding them over the weekend.

Which I did.  Major search.  Not find the missing shoe.  Anywhere he had access to, I searched high and low!  No kidding.  I had a flashlight looking under beds and couches.  On closet shelves and behind furniture.  In drawers!  Cabinets.

We were trying to remember where I bought the shoes.  His dad was searching Amazon to see if a replacement was available.  See what I’m talking about?!  We really hated to lose those shoes.  Could one have possibly been thrown away?  We went to Walmart to check the shoe department.  NO luck. 

I had resigned myself to the fact that the missing shoe was long gone.

I don’t recall how many days (or weeks) had passed, but early one evening, Mike and I were watching TV in our bedroom, and I had my phone on Jacob’s room monitor.  

When what to my wandering eye should appear?
It looked like a shoe just laying on the floor.
I  jumped from my chair to be very clear! 
Indeed, that missing shoe was right by his door. 

I don’t know when I’ve been so shocked to see something that had been missing.  I really felt like I covered every possible nook or cranny where he might have hidden it.  How could it just show up?  How I wish I’d been watching to see where he got it before he tossed it toward his closed door. 

You all know Jacob has hidden things before.  Not long after the shoe was discovered and back in use, I feared one was missing again.  I went to pick Jacob up one afternoon and D at the front said, “it’ll be a minute.  Jacob took his shoes off and they are looking for them now.”  Uh-OHHHHHHHH.  I wasn’t surprised to hear he was in his sock feet.  And was perfectly okay with that.  But I was a tad concerned that we’d come home without one shoe because –  he finds joy in hiding things.  Has anybody seen Jacob’s shoes? Happy ending, both shoes were found and so far, both are in circulation!!

Funny how a shoe could make me so happy.  It was really worthy of a celebration!


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