Awesome Aunt

While growing up, did any of you have thoughts of who you might live with if something happened to both of your parents?  Just me?   It wasn’t in a morbid sense of mind.  It was having a plan!

The family I wanted to live with was my cousin’s.  She’s less than a year younger than me and I loved spending time with her.  I declared that we’d make perfect sisters.  (Nothing against my own who is 4 years younger!  But you understand, that gap is huge when you are 12.)  Her parents, my aunt and uncle, were amazing.  Had similar values as my family.  I guess being at their house, felt similar to being ‘home’.

That plan never became a reality but it is a sweet memory to hold dear.  My precious uncle was taken way too young by pancreatic cancer but my aunt is still an important presence in my life, my family. 

Recently, she dropped off a few things at our front door.  One was this book:

She thought we might enjoy it so was passing it along.  She, nor I, had any idea how much Jacob would love it, though.  It is Jacob’s ‘kind’ of reading material.  Every page is slick.  Pictures galore.  Some full spreads of color. 

Jacob will slowly turn the pages.  Sometimes he will point to a picture and want me to tell him about it.  Sometimes, parts of his meal will get lost in the pages. Some nights when it is time to go to bed, he will hold on to it tight, not ready to give it up. 

It is so obvious how her simple gesture has brought him so much pleasure. 

And, my heart smiles big that the story of Billy Graham, one of the most influential Christian leaders to ever live, has a place in our home. 

I want to be the kind of awesome aunt that she is.  Generous. Thoughtful. Prayerful. A Fighter. Warm. Hopeful. Courageous. Hospitable.  And so much more!

Aunt C, I am so very thankful that I get to call you mine.  Even if you do love to tell the story of me crying so bad in the car when I was little that you wouldn’t have had children if you hadn’t already been pregnant with D. 

We all love you so very, very, very much.


7 thoughts on “Awesome Aunt

  1. Love, love, love this one, Terri! My aunt I would have chosen just turn 100 in February. My mom’s only sibling and 16 months older than she was. We are indeed blessed with our families ❤️

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