All Hands on Deck

At Jacob’s last dental check-up, the hygienist discovered a cracked tooth and quickly pointed it out to us.

(Mike and I are on either side of Jacob during any dental visit. A gentle tap resulted in part of the tooth breaking off. There was no reaction from him, indicating it didn’t hurt. Wouldn’t you agree from the photo above? He was chillin’!!

When the dentist checked him though, she decided a x-ray was in order to determine the next course of action. Jacob was wrapped snug on a board, so it made the most sense to keep him secure and move him to the machine. Literally, all hands on deck, we picked him up and carried him through the office for the x-ray.

He was a trooper even though it probably seemed like a wild ride!

The decision was made that the best course of action would be to extract the tooth. That was almost 6 months ago. Circumstances caused us to postpone the appointment twice. Not even once did he appear to be bothered by the broken tooth. Had he been, we would have gotten an appointment for him ASAP.

The day came when we couldn’t put it off any longer. Although, I acted cool, calm, and collected, because I didn’t want Jacob to sense my concern, I wasn’t on the inside! It was an act. Unfortunately, it was a tooth where a root canal had been done many years before. It wasn’t as if we could sit down, wiggle the tooth, and expect it pop out like a baby tooth. No, it was much more complicated than that.

Jacob started out really great. However, before it was over, he pretty much freaked out. I cannot think of much worse than watching your child have to go through something hard. Helpless to mainly watch, Mike and I looking at each other, over Jacob, with pain in our eyes. Knowing he is wondering when will this end?!?! Oh, that one of us could have taken his place. I felt like freaking out, too.

For such a procedure, it took everybody coordinating efforts to get the job done. Starting with us at home, giving an initial sedative before the appointment. All hands on deck, once again, with professionals bending over backwards to make it as painless as possible for Jacob. Two physicians along with their assistants. With two parents looking over their shoulders. What doctor welcomes that? These do as they realize Jacob needs us. Even so, I wouldn’t like it if I were in their place.

I have no doubt that every single person that God placed in our path that day served a purpose in the success of the necessary work. At one point when it wasn’t going as smoothly and quickly as we hoped, I texted my family and zoom friends asking for prayers. They became part of the ‘all hands’ group.

The oral surgeon warned of bleeding, soreness, swelling, and bruising. Suggested an ice pack (which would have only been possible had he come home heavily sedated). She was correct about the bleeding. Not to get graphic, but he doesn’t have the mindset to catch a bleed so it gets all over him, us, bedroom, everything.

So thankful Mike and I are a team. Even though we wish doctors, dentists, and oral surgeons made house calls, we have each other to be there for Jacob. It is a gift to be able to offer reassurance, that we are nearby, by talking and singing to him. And while I believe that we are a comfort, it’s still really hard to watch.

He slept a lot that afternoon, which was timely since the numbness would be wearing off. Had trouble eating and drinking at first. An ice cream sandwich finally did the trick. He was pampered with lots of room service.

That night he slept much better than I did. It felt like I watched him on the monitor all night! Around 4 AM he was really squirming and I was prepared to go in but he finally got still and fell back into a deep sleep. Pain meds every four hours helped a lot.

Early the morning after, I went to a local bakery and bought two dozen-donut holes. It’s a favorite treat that he doesn’t get often. Fresh and super soft, they almost melt in your mouth. He was pumped when he realized what I bought. I pinched them in half and he slowly ate 24 donut holes! You read that right. Twenty-four!

His day got off to a good start as far as we were all concerned! He was hesitant to eat much the rest of that day and for several days. His Granny said he was holding out for more donut holes!!

Today marks four weeks later. Initially, he had a tiny bit of swelling and no bruising. He appeared to be sore for maybe a couple of weeks. I still notice him moving food around in his mouth sometimes. It was a doozy as procedures go. Glad I hadn’t realized beforehand exactly what we would face.

But more than that, I am extremely thankful that it was the hand of God that guided all of those ‘hands on deck’, in the different roles they played, as they cared for my boy and served our family.


2 thoughts on “All Hands on Deck

  1. I pray you and Mike never have to go through an experience like that again. So very thankful that you and Mike are a team when caring and seeing for Jacob’s needs. And God does put certain people in our path for certain needs we have. Thank God that he cares for us in ways we don’t even realize at times we we need Him most.

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