Food Art

“Don’t play with your food.” How many times did we say that to our kiddos? I’m sure I did more than once or twice.

But, I am often entertained at Jacob playing with his. I don’t know that it’s intentional, but I do know that he enjoys it. And, I enjoy his creations.

He makes me smile. A lot.

There is something fun about balancing stuff on watermelons!

Good place for muffins. Hidden in a photo album.

Once when we were out of town, Jacob’s sitter sent me this picture. Cracks me up. What was he thinking? Not sure why the one muffin on top. Decorative purposes? Couldn’t fit inside?

Stashing for later! Among the photo albums.
This is when having dogs comes in handy!!

Oops! Accidental food art caused by Jacob opening a box of cereal. Accidental art is a thing, right?

Always fold cheese toast in half and take first bite from the middle.

That’s the best part.
He bit the middle creating a perfect heart.

Goodness, he is my heart.

Love his creativity. Love him more.

Hope he brought a smile to your face, too!


9 thoughts on “Food Art

  1. Made me smile really big!! Yes I love to see pictures of his creations. He’s really good at his choice of things to work with. This gives me a happy start for my day.

    Liked by 1 person

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