Jacob, Hap, Happy Birthday

Special addition birthday update: Thank you so very, very much for celebrating Jacob with us! His day started with mini sprinkle cinnamon rolls –

Last year, Mike found this song and downloaded through Amazon Music. I can’t give anyone credit other than it is listed as Hip-Hop Personalized Birthday Songs by Singing Birthday Card. It’s was fun to play it multiple times for him to twirl and his parents to dance! In your best hip-hop beat, give it a try and continue for three minutes!

Jacob, hap, happy birthday
Jacob, hap, happy birthday
I bet you thought that I forgot this year
But I got you a very special gift this year

Jacob, hap, happy birthday
Jacob, hap, happy birthday
I realized your birth day was near
So I got you a singing birthday card this year

Don’t miss it –
I was chillin’, right?
I was relaxin’, right?
Then I looked up and I got this funny feelin’ right?
Like I was missing something
Like I was forgettin’ something

I shook my head and then my eyes
And figured it was nothing
Then I looked up and saw the calendar on the wall
And for a minute, I could think of nothin’ else at all
In a flash, everything came clear,
It’s your birthday, I won’t forget this year

Awright, I ain’t forgetting, yo
I ain’t regrettin’ yo
I hope you’re ready for the kind of trend I’m setting. yo
Ain’t no exception,
You get a singing birthday card no matter what month it is
So I decided that I’m turning over a new leaf
Being forgotten really causes people too much grief
In time, I got my brain in gear
It’s yo birthday, I’ll still remember next year

Know what I’m saying?
A singing birthday card to you
In your mailbox, addressed to you
Know what I’m sayin?

That’s right, y’all
Singing birthday card!

He loves unwrapping presents so that part was super fun. And fast! Musical toys, a pinata, bed sheets (he lives on his bed and loves, LOVES fun sheets), and a special t-shirt.

Lasagna was next and he was pretty excited about that and enjoyed two BIG servings!

He was all about seeing what was inside the pinata. It’s called a pinatagram and had a variety of fun candies. He sampled the Laffy Taffy and decided he liked those best.

And finally an Ice Cream Sandwich Cake to finish off the spectacular day.

It’s a good thing his birthday only comes once a year. We’ve had way more chocolate and sprinkles and ice cream and cheesy breakfast pizza and lasagna and it was all his favorite!

Jacob had several calls from friends and family to sing Happy Birthday to him! Two were FaceTime calls which were perfect. All very special. And so many birthday wishes via Facebook. SO. MANY.

Last night, on Jacob’s birthday, we had an unexpected call learning of the passing of his Mamaw. Mike and I had already decided to wait until today for him to go through his cards as we’d had a full, full day and knew he’d might enjoy them more later. That call confirmed that the celebration was over and we’d resume today. I’ll blog more about his sweet Mamaw another time.

This afternoon was time to focus on birthday cards!! Look at all the cards!! Three musical cards! So much fun. So much love. So much everything!

What a week celebrating with candles and songs and presents and company and calls and messages and favorite food.

We are blessed beyond measure at the love poured on our family. Our boy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I think mine might explode.


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