My boy forty-one, how can it be?
Today is his birthday. Whoopeee!!

Unwrapping the gift is present enough.
Sometimes that’s more fun, than all the ‘stuff’.

He is often slow to embrace anything new,
More of the same can be the right thing to do.

Music and batteries make him a happy guy.
The question now, is what to buy.

He is most mesmerized by a burning candle.
But the constant supervision is too much to handle.

Cheese and chocolate are favorite foods to eat.
A gift that includes one or both of those can’t be beat.

His birthday celebration started days ago,
Lot of singing and special treats, his pleasure did show.

For many years, his approaching birthday made me sad.
Not any more. That is history. And, my heart is glad!

Happy Birthday Jacob! I love you so very, very much.
Thank you God for this gift, wrapped in your special touch.

His birthday celebration started four days early, with some aunts, uncles, and cousins over for Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake (with M & Ms and sprinkles) and Rainbow Ice Cream. He had to get close to get a good whiff of the chocolate and his Uncle Randy followed suit.

Jacob had oral surgery three days before (notice slight swelling in his right jaw), so I’m studying him when he starts to eat. He loved everyone singing to him! It was perfect.

The following morning (yes, Jacob slept in the shirt he had on from the previous night), Jacob was looking for his cookie cake. It wasn’t where he thought it should be, so he handed me the next best thing – a candle! Sweet fella, wanted me to light the candle and sing Happy Birthday to him again. Of course I did and it started his day off with a smile.

The next day I decided to cook Chocolate Chip Pancakes (yes, notice a theme of chocolate chips!) for his breakfast. Burning candle and singing were included at no additional charge. Again, he loved it. And I sang Happy Birthday over and over again while he ate almost 5 pancakes. He appears to be contemplating his next move. Trying to decide if he’s had enough. Melted chocolate on both hands and his face were signs he happily enjoyed his breakfast.

Yesterday, it was a jumbo bowl of mac and cheese for lunch. With a candle and song:

Being home so much now, has allowed for daily celebrations the past week. I don’t know when we’ve lit so many candles and sang Happy Birthday so many times. It’s been great!! He’s already gotten cards in the mail and a couple of gifts. Stay tuned as I’ll blog about the rest of the Birthday Boy’s day, very soon.

https://problemfreephilosophy.blog/2019/07/04/birthday-boy/ is Part 1 of a two-part birthday blog from last year if you want to check it out.


6 thoughts on “Whoopeee!

  1. Love this blog and especially the pictures. I hope I can sing to him today on my phone. So thankful you have made it days of celebrating his birthday. He deserved that especially after having to get that tooth pulled. Jacob is special and he is loved by many especially me.

    Liked by 1 person

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