Once There Was …

an MP3 player who was well loved and brought great pleasure to its owner. It was loved so constantly and so hard that it couldn’t help but show some wear and tear. And try as it might, it wasn’t strong enough to keep serving it’s master day in and day out.

Because it was this young master’s main source of entertainment, his parents were always on the lookout for the next one. Knowing the day would come when, tragically, the MP3 player would most certainly meet an untimely death.

It’s owner, Jacob, would become very attached and as other things through the years, would struggle a great deal with accepting a replacement. Sometimes even if it was an identical match.

From the moment a new one is placed in his hands, it no longer ‘looks’ new. It will have been taped trying to hold the cover in place. The adapter secured with tape. And, more tape to lock the SC card in it’s slot. Everything taped! And, that’s the first day before it is handed over to our boy.

Often, Jacob will remove a knob and then be extremely frustrated with us when said knob doesn’t perform as before. Or snap the cover off, only to be bewildered when it won’t make music. Even though there is no CD in use, the player will not operate without a cover.

Once a text was received, with this picture, from his sitter:

Yes, it literally looks like the player exploded. Never fear—there was no heat or sparks associated with the damage. It was dropped one too many times and well, you can see the result. The industrious sitter did his best to perform surgery on the player but it was never the same.

I’ve lost count of how many players have been purchased through the years. Whether at a box store, direct website, Ebay, or other online source. Of course, the style he uses, the features that work well for him, are not always easy to find. Like other attachments he’s had that eventually need to be replaced, it gets harder and harder to find what we are looking for. And, like other things, I have a feeling that one day, his focus will shift to a new form of entertainment.

We keep a stash of ‘expired’ MP3 players knowing a spare knob might be needed, or a cover replaced, or perhaps a new handle snapped in until a new one is delivered.

But in the meantime, we will try our best to continue providing the service he expects from Mom and Dad. Time to pull out the next one, tape it up for battle, and go through the adjustment. Even though the player can’t possibly live Happily Ever After, our aim is just that for its master.


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