Greeting Card Granny

Jacob does love him a greeting card. He likes other mail, too, like flyers and catalogs. Anything colorful and bonus points for a slick finish!

His Granny is his #1 provider of mail. She sends him cards a lot!

It’s funny because he isn’t always ready to open it when I show it to him. He enjoys studying the envelope (ignore my feeble attempt to blur info), her writing, their return address, the color, the stamp. He’ll rotate it to different positions to see what everything looks like upside down. (I suppose that is what he is doing. I really don’t know!)

And then, I’ll find cards in random places around the house. He used this one in re-decorating for Easter. Doesn’t every bunny need a card balanced on it’s head?

Under his bed is a favorite place to ‘keep’ cards handy just in case he wants to read one.

It isn’t unusual to have several on a kitchen counter. And, almost always one or more nearby during a meal. Sometimes, he has to hold one while he is eating. Unfortunately, there was a really cute spring card he received from them a couple of weeks ago that he HAD to have in hand while he ate lasagna. Only problem was with each bite, lasagna got on the card. It was such a mess, I had to toss it. (Sorry Granny!)

With Mother’s Day in a few days, I wanted to focus on one way my Mom has loved Jacob so very well.

Jacob does not seem to keep tabs on where all his cards are at all times. I think he just knows another one is coming!

Cards can share so many sentiments. I don’t know if Jacob is all that interested in the words printed from the manufacturer.

I do know it makes him happy to have a card signed,


2 thoughts on “Greeting Card Granny

  1. Well you surely made my day with a big smile. Wish I was allowed, we’ll maybe allowed is misleading, but wish I could go to Dollar Tree, my source of cards and have more to send him. I bet if I look I can find one! I don’t want him to think he’s sick or it’s his birthday and he doesn’t get a present so better be careful what the card says. Ha

    Thanks for making me feel good.

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