The Go-To Gal

Mother’s Day is coming up soon so I volunteered to write something about Jacob for this blog. I’m better at writing short smart aleck comments on Facebook, but I will give this a try.

Jacob loves both Terri and me, but I suspect he favors her a bit more (okay, a lot more). Why? Cause she’s the ‘Go-To Gal’. He knows she will take care of his needs. She has always been the one to keep thinking what we can do to make Jacob’s life just a little better. If there was some treatment that she read might help, she would push for us to try it. If the school or the day program needed to tighten up, she would (or sometimes have me) let them know it. She’s the glue that holds our family together when it comes to Jacob and I am thankful for her. It’s been a journey that I wish we didn’t have to make. But Jacob, I’m sure, is glad that he has had his mom to be his ‘Go-To Gal’ to take care of him.

Heading out!

My gift to Terri in the last year, to give her a break from Jacob (and me), is planning guy trips for us to visit different State parks in Mississippi. I reserve a cabin for a weeknight, since it does not require a two night stay like on the weekend. We load up with all the necessary junk food needed to survive for a day and drive to the park (which is probably Jacob’s favorite part of our adventure).

Once we arrive, Jacob will usually grab the bed he wants and have me turn on the TV. He’ll start playing with his toys and watching TV, if there is something on that strikes his fancy. I think he just likes the idea of being in a different room than his bedroom.

I will usually go outside and just stare at the park lake until the sun goes down. Sometimes he will come outside and get me to walk around the cabin and then head to the car. Yep! He may decide before we have spent the night that he is ready to go home to his room, his bed. I have to explain that we are staying for the night. He usually accepts this and heads back into the cabin to resume playing.

He picked the one near the window.

When bedtime comes, we each have our own double bed. For some reason, he prefers for me not to sleep in the same room with him. Maybe, he believes Terri’s accusations of me snoring are true. (I don’t snore but in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ll let Terri think she knows what she’s talking about.) Either way, he will get in my bed and politely try to pull me out of the bed and into another room. In many cabins, the only other room is the kitchen which I prefer not to sleep in. I have to convince him that I am not going anywhere and he FINALLY accepts the fact that I am not leaving.

All in all, I think and I hope that he enjoys our outings. From what the Go-To Gal says, it has been a gift of needed respite for her. And I know I enjoy it because we’re getting to do something together as a Father and his son.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about my life with Jacob. I look forward to Terri resuming the Blog posts!