Jacob opened the refrigerator and pointed toward the top compartment on the door.  I reached for the bologna, sliced cheese, and mayo to make him a sandwich.  He watched as I got the loaf of bread, put it all together, cut it into quarters, and plated it up.  He took one bite and handed it back to me.

“But Jacob, this is what you wanted.  This is what you picked to eat.”  He was not having it.  He started waving around hoping I could read his signal. 

I opened the freezer and pulled out two packages of frozen Sausage Biscuits.  He watched as I put them in the microwave and selected 1 minute, 20 seconds.  Seems I read the signal correctly.  While they heated, he casually thumbed through a magazine.  Once warm, I stuck them back in the freezer for a quick cool down so he could eat soon.  That didn’t take long.  I opened a package and cut it into bite-sized pieces and put it on his plate.  He immediately handed it back to me. 

He was frustrated.  So was I.  He opened a drawer and handed me a snack-size Hershey bar.  “No, you chose bologna cheese. You’ve got to have something to eat other than chocolate.” 

Jacob goes to the refrigerator and again, points to the sliced cheese.  I point to the already made bologna and cheese sandwich.  He is adamant that he doesn’t want it. 

And then, then I catch where he looks.  At the oven.  CHEESE TOAST!!  That day, I totally missed his cue.  He will often point to the cabinet for me to get a pan.  And usually wave in that direction.  I did not see him waving toward the oven.

What is it like for him to not get his point across? To not get what he is ‘asking for’? When his attempts at communication fail? To be misunderstood?

Bless his sweet, silent heart. I made him six pieces of cheese toast. He patiently waited for them to cool. And then he dug in. He was practically humming he was so happy. He folded and ate the center out of each piece as he ALWAYS does, spreading his toast across the bar. Then he proceeded to eat every single bit, crumbs and all.

And as he did, I have a feeling he was thinking to himself, FINALLY!!  Mom understood the assignment!


5 thoughts on “Assignment

  1. Bless his sweet heart and yours to. I immediately thought how hard it is for him to ‘tell’ you what he wants and for you to read his actions. Praise the Lord one day he will be normal and will be able to talk. I thank God that you and Mike do your very best taking care of sweet Jacob!!

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