No Tricking Him

I like a challenge.  That’s part of why I enjoy being in the kitchen.  Trying new ingredients.  Taking risks.  Mastering anything new things doesn’t usually happen on the first attempt.  Progress happens when I make a mess of the first or fiftieth try.  Starting over if the first experiment doesn’t have the results I expected.   All in the name of learning.

A while back I experimented with two things I was sure Jacob would enjoy:  cinnamon rolls and donuts.   He turned his nose up and would have nothing to do with either.  Was offended I even offered.  I decided he was put off by the crazy colors.  Okay, I can deal with that.  He’s a purist. That’s cool.

Not to be thwarted, I was determined to try again.  Recently I made a batch of yeast dough.  Halved it and made a pan of cinnamon rolls and with the other, donuts and donut holes.  Simple. Glazed.

I was pretty excited about the process and the possibility that my lucky day had arrived.  Maybe I was about to win Jacob over. I wasn’t pleased with how ‘loose’ the dough was and the donuts wouldn’t have won any appearance awards. They tasted soooooooooooooooooo good!

I told my mom, Jacob’s Granny, about hoping Jacob would like the donut holes.  Surely, they were better than the two dozen I’ve purchased at Pillow Donuts.  I didn’t add any food coloring. Not a single sprinkle. Simple and glazed. That’s all. She asked if I had a white bag to put them in.  Why, yes, I did.

I carefully did so and closed the top.  Told Jacob that I had donut holes for him and to come to get some.  He came right away.  He touched the bag and wanted to see what was inside.  I took out two and put them on his plate.  He smelled and took a tiny bite.  And then handed it back to me.  Can you believe it? I was so sad.  His dad wasn’t.  More for him.

I felt a little devious pretending they were from the bakery.  But obviously not much.  He has me figured out.  

Texted Granny and her reply:  Now we know Jacob’s taste buds are very sharp!  Don’t try to trick Jacob.  I think he said,  ‘I like what I like!’

The next morning he did decide to sample a cinnamon roll and ended up eating three for breakfast.   Tiny victory.  I’ll take it. 

Granny is right.  We made them available to him multiple times to the same response.  How, oh how can he have such willpower?!?!?

Don’t try to sneak Nestle’s Quik in place of Chocolate Milk.  He won’t have it.

Jacob knows cheese. Some processed cheese works great for cheese toast. Don’t use the one that is better for a bologna and cheese sandwich. He knows and won’t have it.

Don’t try to sub Honey Wheat bread for Whole Wheat bread.  He won’t have it.

And certainly, don’t try to sneak in homemade donuts for those from a bakery.  He will not have it. 

His lack of appreciation for my kitchen experiments should be enough to make me put away the spatula.  His dad and I sure don’t ‘need’ the calories.  Our grands live too far away to get in on taste testing.  Our friends can only take so many macarons, meringues, and marshmallows.  While I’d love it if he got excited over something I’ve made for him, it’s okay that he’s not.  I’ll probably keep trying.  Who knows but one day he’ll change his mind. A mom can hope, right?  

In the meantime, good for Jacob for knowing what he likes!!!


8 thoughts on “No Tricking Him

  1. Well I’ll have to confess I like the bakery ones better than the homemade ones too. Not that I won’t eat the homemade ones but like the other ones better! I’m glad Jacob knows what he likes and sticks to that but it would be good if he would compromise and eat what you have at times. Bless his sweet heart, oh how I love him!

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  2. Hi Mrs. Pigford, I hope that you all have been doing well!  I love reading your blog about our sweet boy.  I sure do miss him tremendously!! That smile on his picture melted my heart!!  I’ll be printing it off so that I can put it on my desk in my office and on my refrigerator at my home.  Please love on him for me!!  I love and miss you all very much! Have a great day,Jeaninne Morrow

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