Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

We have a definite bedtime routine for Jacob- 

Take meds.

Remind him to use the bathroom.

Pajamas on.

Get him to put toys away in his closet.

Check under bed for toys.

Also check around and under chair plus ottoman for toys.

Turn on fun lights.

Turn off strip that powers TV and VCR.

Turn off ceiling light at fixture.

Lock closet door. 

Once those are done, he listens to a Wheels on the Bus app on his kindle.  Sometimes for minutes and sometimes only seconds.  He’ll hand it back to us when he has had enough.

Say prayers.

Cover him up.

Turn off mirror ball lights.

Turn off window icicle lights.

Kiss him good night.

Leave the room, closing the door behind us.

The process is a nice routine for him.  The putting away all the toys and making it where he can’t turn his TV on, is to make sure he doesn’t watch TV all night or stay up playing with toys.  Every once in a while, we will forget to do something or miss a toy that gets left out. 

Sometimes a musical toy may be discovered shortly after it’s lights out for him because one of us will hear him playing.  Sometimes, one will be seen later on the video monitor or found the next morning either on his bed or nearby—thus explaining why he might be harder to wake up than usual. 

Last week as Mike was getting him to bed, a funny thing happened. They did their usual listen to the song and then Mike went to cover him up and Jacob leaned over the side of the bed, reached behind his chair and handed Mike this treehouse toy:

He knew he would be guilty of playing with it during the night and that it needed to be put in the closet and locked away. 

Bless his honest heart!!!  His dad had missed it in the clean swept to be sure toys were put away.  Jacob had spied it and knew he couldn’t be trusted. 

I wonder if he regretted it as his dad closed the door. Or could he have smiled knowing he did the right thing? 

I imagine he was asking himself, is honesty really, ALWAYS the best policy?


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