Thank You!

Sunday Special Edition,, published August 15, 2021 was my 150th post.  I’ve been blogging for close to 3 years now.  There were times when I’d have 2-4 posts in the queue waiting to go live.  And others times I’d be getting my thoughts together and finalizing down to the last few hours before my goal of a new post scheduled for early each Thursday morning.  It has been everything from good therapy to painful memories while telling stories about my boy and our family life.

As I’ve openly shared, the last year has brought so many unexpected things for us to process. Learn a new normal. I want to be intentional in my days while remaining transparent and real in our journey.

To that end, I’m approaching this next year a little differently. It is time to reevaluate rather than start repeating myself!  I had no goals for how long I’d call myself a blogger. I have given myself permission to back off and drop the goal of a post every week. I don’t know what that will look like – maybe some weeks I’ll share twice and some months, only once? When a blog does go live, I will continue to share the link on the Facebook page, Jacob’s Problem Free Philosophy. Feel free to follow along there. If you aren’t an email subscriber, now might be the time to join so you will be notified rather than count on something new each Thursday.

While Jacob is the star of the show, I’ll keep him in front because we know he is who y’all want to see, amiright?

He is hanging out at home with us these days with the upsurge of the Delta variant. Tuesday afternoon I was chilling, feet propped up in the bedroom recliner and reading. This sweet fella came in and wanted me to get up.

“Jacob, how ’bout you sit down and I’ll sing to you.” He quickly took me up on the suggestion. I proceeded to sing a simple tune with one line, “sing a song about Jacob, tra la la la, sing a song about Jacob, tra la la laaaaa!” Notice the blur in the first picture on his left side? Every time I’d take a breath, he would slap one or both hands on the couch meaning one thing, KEEP ON SINGING! And I did for what seemed like hours! It was fun to make him happy and have him chill out with me.

For you who have taken the time to comment whether here, through a text, on Facebook, or in person, it means so very, very much. Every single comment! When I set out to blog, I was fully aware of the millions, yes MILLIONS of blogs that could draw you in. I cannot thank you enough for your support and following.  Stay tuned.

I love how you have loved us! 


14 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. I love every one of your blogs and I’m so thankful that you are not stopping. Many havre brought tears and many have given me big, big smiles and proud feelings.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. That is such a simple statement, but I assure you it runs very deep. Sharing can be easy sometimes, depending on the variables. But my thinking is that sharing swings a little more toward being difficult, especially for some people (me, not you!) But you have obviously shared from your heart, made it look easy, and gave us pause for deeper thoughts. Thank you 💞

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  3. I have loved your posts. They have been real and encouraging, and heart felt and allowed me to reflect on our journey. Thank you for your time and thought. HUGS!

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  4. Hey Terri, I tried to send you a message when I read your blog about your time with your Dad but I am not good at this messaging thing. Anyway, your thoughts, feelings and experiences that you have shared have touched my heart and blessed me more than words can tell. Sometimes I shed tears and sometimes I smile and laugh when I am reading. I love getting to know Jacob and how you and Mike show your love especially when it is so difficult. Thank you for blessing me and letting me be a part of it all. I told your Mom how your time with your Dad, that you shared really was so touching. I am so thankful to God that you and all your family were given this time to share your love with your Dad. He was such a “BIG” blessing and a joy to us. No one can fill that place.

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