Let’s Explore

Jacob has been back attending his day program for about 5 months now. We’ve had a lot of different things going on so the familiarity is helpful in Jacob’s contentment level and us juggling various commitments.

Not long ago when we arrived to pick him up, one of the young ladies that attends, said, “Jacob has gone on a walk with S.” 

Where he attends, it is actually 2 buildings.  One has three suites, each having it’s own purpose and the other is where Jacob spends most of his days.  But he likes to go visiting next door.  I’m told that happens fairly often.  Maybe he enjoys being outdoors and circling the area or more than likely his thing is going door to door to check out what everyone is doing. 

Back in May, the manager sent me some fun photos of one of those days.

Seems Jacob has picked out a new office space to call his own.  I love how he makes himself at home and the ’real owner’ lets him do that.  If you are keeping up, this would be his third office space since he’s been in the program.   That’s a lot in 8 1/2 years! 

Another day of being nosy. We’ve always joked that Jacob wants to be in administration there. He continues to prove our point!

We had his annual care plan meeting a couple of month ago.  It felt really great to hear just how comfortable Jacob is when he is away from us.  That says a lot about how the staff members are in tune with him and are doing everything they can to meet his needs. 

Jacob is not one to want to go on a group outing. He is happy to explore whatever is within his reach. At drop off, I imagine him going through, in his mind, what he wants to do that day. Check out the snack closet and pick a favorite to eat. Maybe S brought gummy worms. See what Mr. B has on his desk. Listen to music. Hear about A’s mission trip. Explore next door. Kick off his shoes and stretch out on the couch. Look to see if E brought his guitar.

Eight years ago we moved to be closer to this program. A move that simplified our life in many ways. I’m thankful it worked out and I’m certain Jacob is, too.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Explore

  1. Thank you so much for letting me see these pictures. I’m so thankful for Son Valley and the workers there who love Jacob and let him do these things he enjoys. Makes my heart smile.

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  2. You are so good to let others see into the life of autism. I’ve learned so much. You are a wonderful writer.

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  3. What an amazing staff that obviously loves Jacob! I know it must be so uplifting to see how comfortable he is there and enjoys his time.

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