Adiós Casio

Jacob loves a keyboard. LOVES. Before we got a nice sized one, he always had a variety of small musical keyboards in the toy box. I blogged about our Keyboard Inventory here:

It’s been said that, “all good things must come to an end”, and it seems our relationship with Casio has done just that.

Jacob got in the habit of breaking keys off a while back. Funny thing was, missing keys didn’t bother him as much as it bothered me. At first I saved them thinking somehow we could reattach. No. I was wrong. What he mainly used, for the music, was a couple of buttons to play programmed songs. As long as those buttons worked, life was good.

I was almost embarrassed that his keyboard was down to 5 keys. “Get him a new keyboard!” Ya know, the creature of habit wouldn’t accept just ANY keyboard. And, as long as he could push a button and hear a certain song, he did not care. Plus, THAT model was hard to find.

But then, daily I was picking up pieces of pointed plastic that broke off, from him shoving it against the wall. Hard pieces, with sharp edges. Notice how the left side, doesn’t really have a front corner anymore? Yes, that was slowly broken away along with parts on the back and other side. I became worried he was going to get hurt. The day came, I knew it had to be taken out.

The next morning his ‘stand-by’ became his only. He was NOT happy. I heard commotion to find him trying to hide the replacement keyboard in his closet. Did not want it in his room but while it was attached to the stand, it was too hard for him to move out completely. So, he got it off the stand as you can see below.

Held our ground that it was this one or nothing. Within a day or two, we’d hear him playing it. At first, it was like he didn’t want us to know he was ‘okay’ with the new one.

Little by little he was. It’s sounds silly, but I am almost giddy when he finally accepts and enjoys something new to him. It is pretty awesome.

Acceptance doesn’t come easy for him. But, goodness it feels great when he gets to that point.

Adiós Casio. It was nice knowing you. Thanks for serving us well for many years. Maybe we will meet again one day.


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