Chauffeur, Yes Sir

I’ve referenced, more than once, that Jacob was a front seat rider until it became dangerous. When I see parents drop off their loved ones at his day program and they arrived riding in the front seat, can’t deny it makes me a little envious. They will probably never be behind the wheel and drive, but, they sure can enjoy being as close as they’ll get. And besides, when there are two adults in the car, the ‘normal’ arrangement is for both to be in the front.

That is, unless, you are royalty. Or rich and famous. And have a chauffeur to drive you around. I don’t have a clue what that would be like but I’ve learned a thing or two from watching T.V. They open the door for you. Make sure you are comfortable before he or she takes their spot in the driver’s seat. Want to take the scenic route? No problem – ‘your wish is my command’ could be the chauffeur’s motto. They proceed with caution carrying precious passengers. If the occupants need something, they get their driver’s attention, as the riders are, of course, in charge. Come to think of it, seems Jacob has been rich and famous for years now because we have been doing all those things as we are his personal drivers!

But there is more to this tale of driving Jacob. Not only can he not be a front seat passenger, his arms or so long, he can make your life miserable if he is sitting on either seat behind. Picture driving along and all of a sudden, the neck of your shirt is being yanked toward the back. Startling to say the least.

So what’s a family to do? Cue Mini Van commercial. Those vehicles were created and marketed for large families. And, I am so glad someone made them popular because they have been life savers for us. Our vehicles have third row seating specifically to meet our needs but the van is just easier for Jacob. And in turn, easier for us. There may be only two of us in our van but the passenger with me sits on the third row. See what I mean? We are definitely his chauffeurs!

This has been the case for years. A few times Jacob has gotten in the driver’s seat before we’d leave home. And I’d let him enjoy sitting there. Wonder what is going through his mind? It must feel crummy to know you can never drive. Or, just maybe he doesn’t care and is happy to know he’ll never have to.

He will clap or wave to get our attention and then it is up to us to guess what he wants. Maybe adjust the volume, or skip that chapter on the DVD, or even ‘hey, can we stop for burgers?’ If he could snap his finger, I have no doubt that he would All of that is okay!

These chauffeurs are ready, willing, and able to transport our famous (in some parts) son with a smile on our face.


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