A June Moon

I was in the parking lot at the front door of Jacob’s day program building. Staff saw me pull in and called for my fella, “Jacob, report to the front. Jacob, your mom is here. Report to the front.” While waiting, I watched a lady and her son arrive minutes after I did. They had come to tour the facility. I suppose looking for a good fit.

As Jacob came to the double glass doors to exit, they were approaching from the outside to enter. All of a sudden, Jacob turned around, pulled his pants down and MOONED them. Yes. He. Did. I was horrified. What kind of greeting was that??? ‘WELCOME! You’re going to love it here!’ I couldn’t see the look on their faces but my vivid imagination pictured a lady that was probably shocked and her son that was probably laughing.

I could not get out of my vehicle and to the doors fast enough. At the same time, three staff members were scrambling to get to Jacob. Had it been anyone but my boy, I might have thought it was funny.

In his defense, it wasn’t like he had the thought – ‘I’ll turn around and pull my pants down and show my skinny behind.’ No doubt his thought was, ‘I need to go to the bathroom before I leave this building.’ When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

I was apologizing and trying to get Jacob’s pants up at the same time. It all happened super fast as we successfully hurried Jacob to the restroom. The lady was understanding and well, the young man was humored. What guy doesn’t find mooning hilarious?

It was a Wednesday in June
When I saw my son moon.
I wouldn’t have looked to see,
But he belonged to me!
He had to go, and couldn’t wait,
All we could do was cooperate.
It could be called Indecent Exposure.
But some had trouble keeping their composure.

In the frenzy, I barely looked at them or made eye contact. Afterwards, I couldn’t even remember what they looked like. So, I have no idea if they enrolled in the program. I was almost afraid to ask. Crossing my fingers that they weren’t offended. Maybe Jacob even made that young man’s day. At least I hope so.


6 thoughts on “A June Moon

  1. I couldn’t help but smile as I read this, but smile for Jacob. I’m sure his thoughts were I better use the bathroom before I leave and we all know Jacob is innocent when it comes to not realizing you’re not supposed to put your pants down in front of others. But then I know it was an embarrassing moment for you.

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  2. I love it. This was funny even though I know it wasn’t for you. Bless his heart. He HAD TO GO!! I may have done the same thing myself if there was no where to go. HA!!!!!


  3. Hilarious! Thank you for making us laugh before surgery… see you never know when you are writing how it might actually help someone who needs a laugh. Btw surgery is for knee repair but surgery just the same. Thank you Terry!

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