Water Woes

One morning a while back, when I went in to wake up Jacob, I found he had been up playing during the night. Video tapes were strewn around the room and his bathroom light was on. Upon entering his room, I thought I heard his sound machine playing a gurgling waterfall sound. Oh NOOOOO – he had both faucets on in the vanity area. Double sinks with the hot water running! And, no doubt they had been running most of the night. Thank goodness neither sink had the stopper engaged or we’d have had other problems for sure.

I headed to Lowe’s looking to purchase something to childproof the faucets. Came home with a gadget that turned out to be pretty worthless. We tried rigging up different things to outsmart him but obviously he is smarter than the average bear parent. We needed a solution to make the faucets hard for him but still accessible for us. I wondered about replacing what we had with motion sensor faucets like a public restroom might have. Seems like that would be super nice! The thought of cutting off water at his vanity was frustrating but obviously we can’t let water run all night.  The ideal world of Jacob turning water on and off appropriately isn’t where we live.

We weren’t really sure why he was turning the water on. Just to hear it? Maybe so. The real thing is better than a sound machine. Note that Jacob doesn’t like to have his hands washed. So don’t assume he was cleaning up during the night. (Actually, he is most opposed to that process and each time I help him in washing his hands, it is a bicep exercise for me just to keep them under the water.) Often, though, there would be a cup nearby. We wondered if perhaps he was trying to get a drink of water. So, it dawned on us to leave a cup of water on his vanity. That doesn’t mean he might not still try to turn the water on, but he has quick access to water if he is thirsty. And, often the cup is empty the next morning. It is pretty much the only time he will drink water willingly so that works great for late night adventures.

As he is prone to do, Mike researched and ordered another gadget to try. I’m happy to report this device has worked well for us. So, if you have had an indoor waterfall problem at home, whether with your challenged kiddo or loved one with dementia, you might want to give this a try. Isn’t it great someone thought to invent the very thing we needed? Yes, indeed!


2 thoughts on “Water Woes

  1. Glad y’all found something that will help. Bless Jacob’s sweet heart. You know running water is soothing to hear so wonder if he likes to hear that.

    Someone recently told me they enjoyed reading your blogs but don’t remember who.


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