Hold That Sneeze!

No coughing orNo sneezing sneezing allowed!  Seriously????  Jacob cannot stand it.  Not sure if it startles him, hurts his ears, germ phobia (NOT!), or what.  All I can say is if you do either, there is a good chance you’ll receive his wrath.  He has a radar and if he is in another room but hears either, he will come find you.  You’ve been warned.  He may quickly grab your shirt to startle you or he may give you the stink eye letting you know he means business.  Funny thing is he’s trained me so well that even when he isn’t around, I realize I try to stifle a sneeze or hide a cough.  Okay, so that is not funny.  Now obviously this isn’t healthy but you do what ya gotta do to keep Jacob happy!


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