The Wonder of Prayer

Part of our long-time nightly routine with Jacob ends with his daddy saying a prayer with him. For the last four weeks though, he’s been out of commission recovering from surgery. Thankfully, he is doing great and has been able to help Jacob at mealtimes and with hygiene. Although, he is usually ready to turn in before Jacob, so I’ve taken that end of the day responsibility.

And, it has absolutely been the sweetest time.

Jacob lays back with his head on a pillow and I cover him up. A ritual of a sheet and one or two t-shirt quilts. Sometimes, he wants to look at the squares and me tell him about a particular shirt.

I kneel beside his bed and take his hand. He gently takes mine and I pray.

I admit that occasionally I peek and his head is bowed. Sometimes his eyes are closed. I pray for our family and ask his protection over them and our friends. Always give thanks for the good day we’ve enjoyed, how He has blessed us so much, and for watching over us. And, I wonder. Every evening my heart smiles wondering what Jacob is saying in his heart to God. Is he agreeing with what I’m saying? Praying for something that is bothering him? Praising God for being able to simply have a thought and know God hears.

won·der/ˈwəndər noun a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Friends and family have been quick to ask about Jacob even more than usual lately. I want you to know that we thank God at night for you. Your cards, your prayers, your texts all prompt us to remember you as well!

Maybe it’s the season but it seems that the wonder of Christmas and the wonder of prayer go hand in hand. I have a feeling Jacob’s prayers are simple. ‘Thank you, God.’ ‘Help me.’ ‘I love you, Lord.’ ‘Keep me safe.’ That’s the beauty of our prayers. God hears no matter how simple!

A friend reminded me last week that as Christians, we are able to commune with the King of the Universe! I love that word commune. What does commune mean in the Bible?  to focus on God, converse, talk, often with profound intensity, intimate communication or rapport as sharing your heart and mind with God in prayer. Any time, any place, out loud, or in our hearts, we can commune with our creator, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Let the wonder of talking freely to the King of Kings sink in.

Several nights ago, Mike was in the den as I told Jacob it was time to get ready for bed. He quickly went to Mike and wanted him to come to his room. It was a reminder that Jacob knows our routine has been off and he wasn’t missing an opportunity to invite his dad to pick up where he left off. It was the first night in weeks that his daddy was still up at Jacob’s bedtime. He was a good sport though and went without grumbling with assurance it wouldn’t be long before that old routine would return.

But until then, it has been tender and special and a beautiful, unexpected gift to commune with God while holding my sweet boys hand.


6 thoughts on “The Wonder of Prayer

  1. Another one that made my eyes leak tears of joy. That is so precious and I know God knows every thought Jacob has. God is so good to all of us!!!


  2. Terri I look forward to reading your blogs. I have learned a great deal about life from a different perspective. They are really heartfelt and warming!! Happy Holidays to you and your Family🎄🎄

    Liked by 1 person

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