PFP Fan Club

The other night I watched Jacob happily entertaining himself at the bar in the kitchen. He was wearing a t-shirt that was a surprise from a friend. He was playing with a pop-up card that he had gotten in the mail. And my heart smiled knowing he is loved by others. I reminded him that he has a following of people that are ‘for him’.

The next morning it dawned on me – Jacob has a FAN CLUB! Yes. He. Does. The Problem Free Philosophy Fan Club. You can be a member without paying a dime! Although you won’t get a bumper sticker, glow-in-the-dark necklace, or other fun stuff.

Anybody here members of any fan clubs in your younger years? Or even now? Maybe they aren’t much of a thing anymore. My parents certainly didn’t let me join any club I had to pay to be a member of. Celebrity or not!

There was one I would have joined, if allowed – The Bobby Sherman Fan Club. Yep, I, like every other tween/teenage girl in the late 60s and early 70s, thought I’d marry him one day. If I remember right, my cousin had a poster of Bobby Sherman in her bedroom. If not him, maybe David Cassidy.

Ahhhhh, this isn’t about them though, it’s about my boy and his people who follow this blog. Thank you for making his days brighter and my heart smile bigger.

I got a text one afternoon from a friend – “I’m going to leave something for Jacob on the front porch.” It was this fun treat bag. He tore into it – as you can tell. And immediately went for the Hershey Kisses. I couldn’t get them unwrapped fast enough.

As you know, mail is fun. There are days that he is much more interested in the penmanship of the sender than he is curious about the card. It isn’t unusual for him to not want the card opened at first so he can study the envelope, his address, the stamp, etc.

Not too long ago, I sent this text to my sister-in-law: “I’m going to have to ask you to come rescue us from this card.” “Just kidding! In his life, I don’t know when Jacob has enjoyed a musical card more. Mike and I agree that at least the theme from Rocky isn’t annoying! And it’s a good thing because we hear this a lot!”

He was so excited to see what was in the big envelope with his name on it.

This card from Granny and Granddaddy took some effort to write. It was days before he’d let me read and sing to him!

He is reaching for me to tell him about the sender of this intricate card.

From one of his #1 fans!

Another sweet surprise. He loves red and blue. And this shirt is soooooo soft. A winning combo!

More fun fan mail.

He is usually checking out his mail while he is eating.

Three months later, the ‘Rocky’ card is still going strong.

Seriously, we are blessed beyond measure. Side note – looking at these photos would leave you to believe, Jacob eats a lot of potato chips. And you’d be correct, some days.

PFP Fan Club! Is that Problem Free Philosophy or Pigford for President?

You decide!


4 thoughts on “PFP Fan Club

  1. Oh how this thrills my heart. I’m so glad one day you mentioned that he likes to get cards in the mail and these pictures surely shows how much he likes them. We all love Jacob!!!

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