Up to His Old Tricks

As we were getting ready to leave home, I heard Jacob in the master bedroom. I knew he was probably getting into something he shouldn’t have, so I headed in there. Sure enough, he had been through my purse, with the contents scattered on my desk, the chair, and the floor. I gathered everything I saw, and told Jacob it was time to go.

He headed to the door all the while probably thinking, ‘she doesn’t realize her keys are not in that purse.’ I’m searching the purse, checking every pocket, turning it upside down and giving it a good shake in hopes of hearing those keys rattle. Nothing. Yes—missing. I did a swift glance around the room to no avail. Thankfully, Mike’s keys were nearby so I grabbed those and headed out. Seemed Jacob was up to his old tricks again.

I ran a few errands and came home knowing the first item on my to-do list was to find those keys.

Follow along with me and feel my amusement turn to frustration!

  • My work satchel was by my desk. I started with it by pulling everything out to be sure he hadn’t dropped them there. It was a sensible place because it was under my purse when Jacob got all nosey. Not there.
  • Next, my desk. Miscellaneous papers were haphazardly stacked on either side of my laptop. I quickly straighten those making sure keys weren’t hidden in between. No such luck. Opened the three desk drawers. Nothing. Looked under the desk chair and pulled out the desk to check behind it. Nothing.
  • Searched the dresser, chest of drawers, and nightstands making quick work of shuffling through stuff that should have already been put away and opening each drawer. I got down on my knees and looked under the furniture. The high and low game revealed nothing but dust. (And why I didn’t document my search with photos!)
  • Went into the bathroom and checked around the sinks. Also looking for drawers that weren’t closed shut and into cabinets. Nothing but frustration building.
  • I considered going through our closets but that thought was overwhelming so decided to come back to those later, if not successful.
  • I literally crawled around on the floor and shone a light to look under the love seat. Nothing. This is getting ridiculous.

I was 99.9% sure that my keys were in our bedroom but goodness that rascal made speedy work of making them hard to find. He has hidden my keys multiple times and unfortunately always in a different spot.

  • Back on my knees and raised up the bed skirt.

AH HAAAAAA! That rascal had tossed my keys under our bed. Yes, they were in the last place I looked!! I might need to put a finder fob on my key ring. Not that I misplace them but someone does it for me!!

When I picked him up, I told him I’d found my keys. I don’t think he was even a little impressed. I’m telling ya, he is a smart cookie! That day he was definitely up to his old tricks, once again.


4 thoughts on “Up to His Old Tricks

  1. Haha. Goodness he was pretty successful that time!!!!! I got a big smile from reading this but can see where I would have gotten aggravated during the process of looking for your keys.


  2. I wish there was a Jacob at my house to blame when I can’t find anything! We had a housekeeper for a long time whose name was Gladys! Hiram’s favorite thing when either one of us could not find anything we would blame poor Gladys! It was usually one of us but it was great to have someone to blame! Jacob knew the secret to staying where he was happened to be those keys! He knows good hiding places!

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  3. Clever Jacob made me smile😁again, but I know it wasn’t that funny at the moment😘. However, I think “Gladys” has moved in over here…guilty🤪

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