We’re In Trouble Now

Jacob really has no self-care skills. We have to help him in all areas. Two of those are brushing his teeth and shaving his handsome face. It is a really great day when he is cooperative and those can be done sufficiently by either me or his dad. Seriously, it feels like I’ve won a major award and he deserves a trophy! Typically he resists in every way he can and it requires a team approach. And, sometimes Jacob still gets the best of us more times than not. We are definitely hands on. Both hands. Need more hands. Anybody give us a hand?

Recently we had a problem. On the very same day we, the parents, became ‘afflicted’. I woke up with poison ivy on both arms. Specifically concentrated around my wrists. Then while Mike was walking our golden girl, she spotted a cat and as she yanked the leash, it wound around Mike’s finger causing a spiral fracture. His hand looked awful and felt pretty bad, too. As a whole neither of those problems would or should keep us from doing most anything. In the scheme of things they were minor. But when it comes to Jacob, they felt major.

If you’ve read much of the blog you’ve probably seen more than a time or two mention of the fact that Jacob will strong arm me. Could be out frustration, fear, stubbornness, anxiety … who knows? It just means when he is trying to keep me from doing something, he will grab my wrist (ouch! poison ivy!) and squeeze, digging his fingers in, and lock his arms to keep me from accomplishing the task at hand. Often to remedy that situation, Mike has to intervene and hold Jacob’s arms so I can continue. This is mainly when it comes to the above mentioned shaving and brushing teeth nightly routine.

Realizing we were both practically out of commission, Jacob had us right where he wanted us. The honest truth was he got lucky and we didn’t force those two tasks because he would have inflicted pain on us purposefully or not. I was able to get him to cooperate a time or two but needed Mike’s help to really do a good job.

And then, it hit me. Maybe I could shave Jacob while Mike distracted him doing something he really loves. If that was the case we might all survive with no additional damage. So, as is Jacob’s habit most nights lately, he wanted an ice cream sandwich. Mike started helping Jacob and I turned on the electric razor. Have a bite, shave a little, have a bite, shave a little. It was pretty funny actually. I wasn’t able to give him a perfectly clean shave but I got him looking good enough that he didn’t resemble a hobo when he went to his day program the next day. I was super pleased we had gotten him presentable and no one suffered in the process.

Who would have ever thought to mix shaving and eating but it helped us when we needed it. Desperate times call for desperate measures so don’t go sending the sanitation police over here. It worked great that night, thank you very much. The idea popped in my head and it didn’t come from nowhere. God cares about the little details in our lives, you better believe it!


I worked in the yard with watchful eye,
Poison ivy to be pulled from the fence up high.
Being as careful as could be, unfortunately it happened to me,
The poison spread on my covered arms, running free.
I’m in trouble came to my mind. Oh good grief!
I’ll need to quickly find some sort of serious relief.

He walks the dogs in the early morning,
A canine or feline may appear without warning.
Our dogs will not have it, their signal is clear,
‘Stay away, I’m telling you, do not come near.’
A jerk on the leash caused immediate pain,
A broken bone quickly registered in his brain.

My parents will have to take it easy he thought,
I’m sorry they’re hurt. But not tooooooo distraught.
Maybe for a few days they will leave me alone.
I’d hate to be the cause or hear them moan.
It didn’t last long enough I am sorry to say,
But ice cream while shaving made my day!


10 thoughts on “We’re In Trouble Now

  1. Gabriel has an issue with homework. I did the same thing with Goldfish. Do a math problem. Get a fish. It worked sooooo well! That day!!! 😉

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  2. I’m so glad there are electric razors and ice cream sandwiches. Dad wanted a beard all his life but mom said she wasn’t going to kiss that furry face. Shaving became a challenge, so dad got a to have a beard.


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